Become a Local Professional

Become your own boss

HebMac helps you list services you want to promote locally across the whole of Scotland with the freedom and flexibility to become your own boss.

Get leads and customers

Sign up for free to view local leads and get local customers across Scotland - whichever service you provide.

Take and manage jobs 24/7

Become a trusted local supplier and respond to job requests from potential customers looking for exactly what you provide.

Set your own rates and prices

Choose your own prices for your service - ensure customers pay you the going rate for the services that you provide.

Establish your brand in Scotland

We can connect you with local customers in Scotland so that you can gain the business you need to grow your brand.

No subscription fees or ‘credits’

Unlike other marketplaces, we don’t charge an annual subscription and you don’t need to buy credits just to respond to potential leads.

Just a 15% service fee

Just pay a 15% fee on jobs that are accepted once they have been completed - you can factor this fee into your initial quote.

What is Hebmac?

Hebmac is a platform that operates as a business directory and marketplace for all services across the whole of Scotland. Sign up for free to get access to a pool of local customers looking for the services you provide. Then you just need to build your profile, set your prices and availability, and start getting jobs from local customers. While there are other business and freelance marketplaces, many of these charge an annual subscription fee or you need to buy credits in order to see potential leads. This means that you end up paying even if you don’t secure any work at all from using the site. Hebmac works differently. It is completely free to sign up and you just pay a 15% fee on jobs that are accepted once they have been completed. You can factor this fee into your quote, meaning you can start getting quotes as soon as you sign up.