Local Professional Instructions

Welcome to your Hebmac Local Professional Dashboard you are almost ready to begin getting jobs, but first we advise that you follow a few extra steps just to make sure that your profile is fully set up and ready to start getting job requests.

Step 1: Editing your profile

To begin with it is crucial that you select the ‘Edit Profile’ button on your local professional dashboard to make sure that all of your information as a local professional is up to date and valid. 

Make sure you upload a profile picture – This will be the first thing that potential customers will see, please ensure you upload a high quality image of yourself or alternatively a logo of the service you provide.

Fill in all the correct address information - Your address information is important to allow customers to decide if your service would be available for their current location, we use real time location tracking so please ensure the location you are based in is as accurate as it can be.

Provide a good description - The description is visible on your Local Professional Profile for all to see, we suggest that you leave a short/detailed description on the services that you provide, this may be the difference between a customer selecting you or an alternative local professional so please bear that in mind.

Enter your per hour rate - Although you may provide different prices for different services the per hour rate will display on your local professional profile, if you do not offer a per hour rate then feel free to input a base rate that you provide (you can also toggle this feature off if you prefer)


Step 2: Connecting Stripe

The next step is to connect your Local Professional Dashboard to Stripe to allow payments for your jobs to your bank account.

Select the ‘Connect Stripe’ button - When you select this option you will then be directed to a page powered by Stripe and Hebmac, you will be asked to fill in some basic information about the services you provide, please fill this out as accurately as you can (if you do not have a link to a website simply link a personal Facebook page)

Confirm your bank for payments - During the connection process you will be required to input a bank Account Number and Sort Code, this is the account that will be used to receive any payments you receive for your jobs.

Access the verification email - To complete the Stripe connection process make sure you check the email address that you inputted for a confirmation email, this is used to verify the account and is the final process of connecting Stripe to your Hebmac Local Professional Dashboard.


Step 3: Creating your service

Now that the first two steps have been completed it's now time for you to set up your first service and start getting jobs, this part is crucial towards what customers will see so it's important that you follow our tips and suggestions to make a perfect service listing.

Select the ‘Add Service’ button - This is available on the Services panel of your Local Professional Dashboard and is what you need to select to set up your first service.

Select a Service - By default Hebmac already has various service types set up, if you can't find a category that matches your service from the search/dropdown menu then please select ‘Request’ on this page you can request a new service type, once you do this a Hebmac team member will review the request and accept it as soon as possible (we aim to do this within a few hours usually) once the service request is accepted you will receive an email to confirm that you can now list the service under the requested category, if for whatever reason you do not receive a service approval then please contact our support team with your allocated service request ID number.

Select where you provide your service - Selecting the location for your services is crucial in ensuring that your services are reaching the right customers, by default Hebmac is targeted at the entire Western Isles so it is essential that you provide the correct locations you can deliver/complete your service in (if you are not providing a physical service and instead providing services to all locations regardless of distance then you can simply turn on the ‘Online Services’ toggle and this will eliminate the selection of service locations) if you can't locate your service location then please use the request location feature.

Describe your service - This section is used to describe the service that you are providing to potential customers, it is crucial you provide in depth detail into exactly what you provide and effectively convey to customers why they should pick you. For example if you provide bespoke gifts it would be of benefit to detail he types of bespoke gifts you create as well as as a little bit about the process of creating the items doing so will help entice a customer to potentially get in touch and request a quote for a job.

Add Photos - Customers like to see evidence of past work and also any kind of media that would help better showcase what you provide as a local professional, we suggest adding as many images as you can relating to your service so that a customer has a transparent overview of the services you offer and any possible past work.

Add your Skills and Qualifications - Skills and Qualifications help your service listing stand apart from other similar listings, customers like experience and knowledge so if you have any kind of skills or qualifications that would help your service stand apart from other services then please enter as many as possible that are applicable to your services/


Step 4: Enable/Disable, Edit & Delete your Services

Once you have added your service you will always have the functionality to Enable/Disable, Edit and Delete the services at any time:

Enable/Disable Services - This is the first icon next to your service listing and acts like a toggle, if you enable the listing it will showcase as live to everyone on Hebmac but if you set the toggle to disable the listing it wont be visible until toggled back to enabled.

Edit Service - This is the second second icon from the left and allows you to edit any services you have set up, this utilises the same process as creating your service so please refer to the entirety of Step 3.

Delete Service - This is the third icon from the left and is used to delete your service listing, please be aware though that once you delete a service listing there is no way to get the service back apart from replicating Step 3 in its entirety.